Seismic Survey

Seismic Techniques are commonly used to determine site geology, stratigraphy, and rock quality. These techniques provide detailed information about subsurface layering and rock geo-mechanical properties using seismic acoustical waves. Reflection and Refraction are the most commonly used seismic techniques.

These methods determine geological structure and rock velocities by either refracting or reflecting waves off boundaries between rock units with different seismic velocities or impedance.


  • General geologic structure
  • Faults and other hazards
  • Landfill investigation
  • Overburden thickness
  • Rock rippability and quality
  • Water table depth
  • Bedrock depth



GeoSiam can provides following techniques in seismic method:

Seismic Reflection Survey
Seismic reflection profiling involves the measurement of the two-way travel time of seismic waves…
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Seismic Refraction Survey
The seismic refraction method is based on the measurement of the travel time of seismic waves…
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MASW Survey

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves Method (MASW) is a seismic exploration method…

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