Aerial Photogrammetric Survey

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) are a large, diverse group of aerial craft that have no human pilot on board. This group includes model plane, helicopters, drones and other remotely and/or radio controlled machines. New versions of this class are constantly being designed and upgraded to provide a wide range of commercial aerial photography services (stills and broadcast-quality HD video) for industrial photography, feature films, sports coverage, power & gas pipeline surveys as well as overt/covert surveillance for the police and military.

UAVs are now regularly used for commercial/industrial aerial photography and often considered the method of choice for capturing high quality, low altitude imagery for many applications. Using heavy lift UAVs capable of carrying professional market digital cameras, we have pioneered special techniques to provide architects, architectural visualisers, construction companies and property developers with high resolution images at specific GPS-controlled points in the sky.

Our mapping drones come bundled with a high-resolution visible-spectrum camera, but the payload system is interchangeable so you can swap your own cameras or sensors for shooting IR, hyperspectral or other imagery.

Our three-step workflow is fully automated: Plan, fly, process. Select the area you want to map, and the drone computes the flight path that will cover it. While in flight, on-board software automatically captures all the right photos for you and geo-tags where each one was taken; take-off and landing are also both automated, with built-in flight protections like Return-to-Land. Finally, our post-processing software stitches these photos into a crisp, high-resolution map, down to an amazing one cm/pixel, depending on the height of your flight. Zoom in from the sky down to the grape.

Additionally you can save and repeat any of your flights with as much frequency as you need, and you can compare and overlay this data across time.